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The Greyhound Protection League

The Greyhound Protection League was one of the first Greyhound organizations of its kind. Founded in 1991, the Greyhound rescue organization works to illuminate the horrible conditions surrounding Greyhound racing and educate people on the hardships these lovable dogs have to deal with. Their desire to expose the terrifying living conditions for Greyhounds keeps them so dedicated to helping Greyhounds, and they’re not stopping anytime soon!

We encourage you to read their How You Can Help page to see ways that you can help save these great dogs who just want someone to love and care for them! Don’t have much time to volunteer, or want to give something a little extra? Check out their Donations page! Anything and everything you can do would be so appreciated by the Greyhound Protection League – help them spread their cause!

Helping Out Greyhound Injury Fund Blog

The Greyhound Injury Fund blog has quite an impressive story: the blog began as their way to help raise $14,300 for hit-and-run greyhound injury vet bills. They accomplished that mission. Then, they want to assist Greyhounds in getting out of Guam – accomplished! They also donated to Arizona Greyhound Rescue, an organization we recently posted about. The list of “mission accomplished!” they have is really inspiring – view their About Us page to read all their achievements!

Their current mission? They’re working to raise about $13,000 to cover vet bills for two Greyhounds involved in a car accident. They need your help to meet this number and ensure the two Greyhounds lead a healthy, happy life, so we ask that you please visit their Fundraising Ideas and Donate Now pages and see where you can help out – every little bit goes a long way! The passionate, motivated group of people behind Grehound Injury Fund are an inspiration to us all, and show that you really can make a difference!

Is It Time for Doggie Daycare?

For many of us, who each morning, venture off to work, leaving your pet behind all along can be a hard thing to bear.  Sometimes while you aren’t around they can get into things they shouldn’t be getting into, become bored and anxious and can ever resort to barking all day which could be problematic with close neighbors or adjoining tenants.  It may be time you looking into doggie daycare for your friend.

Doggie daycare is much like daycare that your child would attend.  With dropping off your dog each morning, they will no longer become bored and troublesome in an empty home, but will instead have fun playing around with other dogs and even interacting with the staff, whether it be with playing fetch or being pet.  Visit a few of the local daycares in your area; ask other pet owners if they recommend a particular facility.  Your dog means the world to you and if you feel a daycare is the right fit for you and your dog, it’s important you choose one you are comfortable with and that has positive reputation with the locals.

If doggie daycare is something you think you should consider, start doing your research and visit the staff at each of your top choices.  By looking into each of your options you are sure to find the perfect place that your best friend can enjoy!

Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee

There’s quite a few different Greyhound rescue organizations out there, and we want to do our best to shine the spotlight on them and help them all further their cause! Today we’re taking a look at the Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee. The foundation was founded in 2000, with the mission of making a difference in the lives of ex-racing Greyhounds. The organization understands that they cannot save every greyhound, but just like in the “Starfish Story”, it does mean a difference to each Greyhound they are able to save.

We hope you’ll take a few moments to read their Success Stories, and we know you’ll be touched and inspired. View the adorable Available Hounds if you’d like the rewarding opportunity to care of a Greyhound!

Meeting The Great People At Arizona Greyhound Rescue

As you may know, a portion of our revenues go toward supporting animal rescue organizations. We’re regularly out there getting to know different organizations, and we recently came across Arizona Greyhound Rescue. Joan and Steve Randles founded the organization in 1995, after finding that the racing greyhounds they wanted to adopt from the Tucson Greyhound Park were sadly no longer adoptable and not recognized as actual pets.

They now work to ensure greyhounds can be adopted by loving families, and go on to enjoy the care of doting owners. Today, the group is made up of dedicated volunteers who participate in kennel turnout and intake, home inspections, meet-and-greet events at local pet stores, and transporting dogs to various events. We encourage you to help Arizona Greyhound Rescue and this wonderful dog breed by Volunteering Your Time or Donating. Every little bit goes a very long way.

Our Favorite Famous Fidos

Dogs have been a huge part of film and TV since their inventions, and today, we see tons of pups on our screens, whether it’s in movies, TV shows, or even commercials. So, we wanted to ask you: who are your favorite famous dogs? For us, we have a few:

We all know and love this little dog from MGM’s “The Wizard of Oz” starring Judy Garland. Toto was played by Terry the Cairn Terrier, and although Toto was referred to as a “he” in the flick, Toto was really a “she”! Carl Spitz, the Hollywood animal trainer in charge of Terry, received a salary of $125.00 per week – just for letting the pooch have her fifteen minutes of fame!


If you loved the Harry Potter books, then you’ll love seeing this pup perform in the movies! Fang plays the role of Hagrid’s pet dog, a very large Boarhound with a lot of personality. In the films, Fang was actually played by 4 different Neapolitan Mastiffs. Now, that’s a lot of dog food to have on set!


Played by a collie named Pal, this beloved and heroic character delighted audiences for decades in a variety of movies, comics, books, and even an award-winning TV series. Descendants of Pal continue to play Lassie even today and the character has gone down in pop culture history as one of the most beloved dogs of all time.

Who are your favorite film and TV dogs? Why?

Your Pup May Have a Cold!

Has your dog been coughing, sneezing, or lethargic? Has he had a runny nose or eyes? Is he just not being himself? If your dog is having these symptoms, it may be possible that your dog has contracted a cold.

Just like humans, dogs can catch respiratory infections (colds) that can leave them feeling less than their best for several days. Colds in dogs are usually spread during contact, so right now, during peak cold and flu season, it may be best for you to keep your dog away from other dogs or out of any kennels or daycare is it may raise his risk for catching a cold.

Puppies and older dogs should see a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment if they have symptoms like those described above. However, in many cases, adult dogs that are in good health can be treated at home as long as symptoms are not too severe.

Who Missed National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

If you weren’t already aware, Thursday, January 14th, was National Dress Up Your Pet Day.  For all the pet owners out there who love to dress up their dogs and cats with cute shirts, jackets, and other fun outfits, this is your day to show off their stylish wardrobes.

This unique holiday is a day you can set aside to give your pet extra love and attention, which he or she deserves, as well as parade your pet around town looking festive and stylish.  Have some fun with this day, take your dog for a walk through town or stop by the local dog park for some afternoon enjoyment.

For those who participated in this year’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day, we hope you didn’t forget to reward your pet with a special treat or new toy for being such troopers.  (PS – we’d LOVE to see you photos of your pet in his or her favorite outfit!)

Don’t fret if you missed it this year, you have plenty of time to prepare to participate in this national day next year!

Keep Your Pup Cozy This Winter!

It’s already January, which means that there’s still quite a bit of winter to get through. To ensure that both you and your pup feel comfy and cozy this January and February, be sure to use these simple and easy tips for helping your dog stay warm despite the frightful weather:

1.First of all, you may want to consider turning up the heat a few degrees in the room where your dog spends most of his time or sleeps. Make sure that it’s at a comfortable temperature as you won’t want your dog to get cold.
2.Though your dog may have a warm fur coat to keep him cozy, sometimes he may need a little extra help staying warm. Bundle up your pup in a Puppia harness or dog coat when you take him outside to play. It’ll keep him warm and comfortable!
3.Invest in a dog bed that features sherpa, fleece, or other warm fabric in its design. Add a blanket to your dog’s bed in case he wants to curl up for some extra warmth.
4.If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, you may want to think about limiting it a bit during the winter.
5.Keep his paws toasty by slipping on boots or booties. They’re adorable and they’ll keep those paws warm!

Stay In The Know With Puppy Fast!

Puppy Fast is another of our favorite online pet blogs! Their posts have been a great resource for us, and we know our blog readers will find them valuable, too! Considering gifting yourself or someone in your life with a puppy this year? First read their great post, “Final Leap for Purchasing a Puppy” to ensure you’re buying the puppy from a responsible source.

Need a laugh? Check out the Puppy Fast Funny Dog Videos for some much-needed and oh-so-adorable humor! We hope you’ll visit the Puppy Fast blog and stay up-to-date on all your dog topics, from puppy to grown-up dog!