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Keep Your Pup Cozy This Winter!

It’s already January, which means that there’s still quite a bit of winter to get through. To ensure that both you and your pup feel comfy and cozy this January and February, be sure to use these simple and easy tips for helping your dog stay warm despite the frightful weather:

1.First of all, you may want to consider turning up the heat a few degrees in the room where your dog spends most of his time or sleeps. Make sure that it’s at a comfortable temperature as you won’t want your dog to get cold.
2.Though your dog may have a warm fur coat to keep him cozy, sometimes he may need a little extra help staying warm. Bundle up your pup in a Puppia harness or dog coat when you take him outside to play. It’ll keep him warm and comfortable!
3.Invest in a dog bed that features sherpa, fleece, or other warm fabric in its design. Add a blanket to your dog’s bed in case he wants to curl up for some extra warmth.
4.If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, you may want to think about limiting it a bit during the winter.
5.Keep his paws toasty by slipping on boots or booties. They’re adorable and they’ll keep those paws warm!

The Howl-O-Days are Almost Here!

We can bet that you can hear those Christmas bells ringing, but do the sweet sounds of bells mean that it’s time to start stressing over the perfect gift for your pup? Absolutely not! This year, don’t fuss over finding the ideal gift for your four-legged, furry friend. At WhiskazzandPawzz.com, we have a great selection of dog gifts that are absolutely charming and festive – just in time for the holidays.

From ornaments to dog jackets, dog toys to Puppia Soft Harnesses, we have everything you need to gift your dog this Christmas. Plus, with our great prices, you’ll be tempted to shop for other pups you love! In addition to a great selection of gifts for dogs, WhiskazzandPawzz.com also carries gifts that are perfect for any dog lover, so feel free to browse our selection and cross off a few people on your holiday shopping list.

Be sure that you’re ready for the holidays with the right gifts for pets and pet lovers. WhiskazzandPawzz.com will be there to help!

Happy Howl-O-Days!

Holiday Gifts for All Dog Lovers

bulldogStumped about what to buy for someone this holiday season? Do they have a dog and enjoy their company and companionship? If so, no matter what breed of dog they have, we’ve got a gift suggestion that covers them all!

We are confident you will find that special breed of dog in our selection of Dog Breed Ornaments. Our handcrafted wooden ornaments come in all breeds and types, including the American Bulldog, the Italian Greyhound, and the Weimaraner. Each ornament comes adorned with a colorful red ribbon so that it can be hung on your tree year after year. These gifts are great for any dog lover or also as a gift for the dog themselves!

If you’re undecided on what gift to give this holiday season, browse through our selection of Dog Breed Ornaments and you’re bound to find the perfect fit!

Bundle Up Your Pup!

Winter is here and you know what that means – it’s time to bundle up your pup! When Jack Frost arrives and the weather outside starts to get frightful, remember that your dog needs some extra tender loving care in order to stay warm. Sure, his natural coat will keep him a little toasty, but if you want to make sure that he never feels the chill, then try using winter horse blanket coats for dogs from WhiskazzandPawzz.com!

These simple dog coats are designed like horse blankets so that they’re made to be durable, comfortable, and easy to get on and off your pet. Made from heavy gauge nylon with an incredibly soft 100% wool fleece lining, these dog coats are must haves for any pup. Plus, with tons of great colors to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect one for your dog. Enjoy its waterproof, machine washable design as you enjoy some time out in the snow with your dog – without getting a hint of winter’s chill!

Bundle up your pup this winter with a little help from WhiskazzandPawzz.com.