Dog Care Tips

Is It Time for Doggie Daycare?

For many of us, who each morning, venture off to work, leaving your pet behind all along can be a hard thing to bear.  Sometimes while you aren’t around they can get into things they shouldn’t be getting into, become bored and anxious and can ever resort to barking all day which could be problematic with close neighbors or adjoining tenants.  It may be time you looking into doggie daycare for your friend.

Doggie daycare is much like daycare that your child would attend.  With dropping off your dog each morning, they will no longer become bored and troublesome in an empty home, but will instead have fun playing around with other dogs and even interacting with the staff, whether it be with playing fetch or being pet.  Visit a few of the local daycares in your area; ask other pet owners if they recommend a particular facility.  Your dog means the world to you and if you feel a daycare is the right fit for you and your dog, it’s important you choose one you are comfortable with and that has positive reputation with the locals.

If doggie daycare is something you think you should consider, start doing your research and visit the staff at each of your top choices.  By looking into each of your options you are sure to find the perfect place that your best friend can enjoy!

Your Pup May Have a Cold!

Has your dog been coughing, sneezing, or lethargic? Has he had a runny nose or eyes? Is he just not being himself? If your dog is having these symptoms, it may be possible that your dog has contracted a cold.

Just like humans, dogs can catch respiratory infections (colds) that can leave them feeling less than their best for several days. Colds in dogs are usually spread during contact, so right now, during peak cold and flu season, it may be best for you to keep your dog away from other dogs or out of any kennels or daycare is it may raise his risk for catching a cold.

Puppies and older dogs should see a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment if they have symptoms like those described above. However, in many cases, adult dogs that are in good health can be treated at home as long as symptoms are not too severe.

Keep Your Pup Cozy This Winter!

It’s already January, which means that there’s still quite a bit of winter to get through. To ensure that both you and your pup feel comfy and cozy this January and February, be sure to use these simple and easy tips for helping your dog stay warm despite the frightful weather:

1.First of all, you may want to consider turning up the heat a few degrees in the room where your dog spends most of his time or sleeps. Make sure that it’s at a comfortable temperature as you won’t want your dog to get cold.
2.Though your dog may have a warm fur coat to keep him cozy, sometimes he may need a little extra help staying warm. Bundle up your pup in a Puppia harness or dog coat when you take him outside to play. It’ll keep him warm and comfortable!
3.Invest in a dog bed that features sherpa, fleece, or other warm fabric in its design. Add a blanket to your dog’s bed in case he wants to curl up for some extra warmth.
4.If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, you may want to think about limiting it a bit during the winter.
5.Keep his paws toasty by slipping on boots or booties. They’re adorable and they’ll keep those paws warm!

New Year’s Resolutions…For Dog Owners!

Your dog always celebrates the holidays with you, so why should New Year’s Day be any different? This year, instead of making a resolution involving your weight or your career, think about making a promise to yourself that concerns that four-legged, furry friend you love to cuddle up with. Your dog is a special part of your life and in 2010, it’s time to really show him just how much you appreciate him. Try making some of these dog-friendly resolutions this year:

-More time for cuddling. Who doesn’t love cuddling?

-More time to go for walks in the park on nice days, so you both get exercise.

-Finally trying out that homemade dog treat recipe. Your pup can taste test!

-Spend extra time giving pats and belly rubs. How about 5 minutes every day?

-More doggy play dates, so you both can socialize.

-Have your first doggy birthday party, complete with a dog-friendly cake and puppy party guests!

The possibilities are endless. Make your dog part of your New Year’s resolution for 2010 and really give him the love and appreciation he deserves!

Happy New Year!

A Happy Christmas – For You and the Pup Too!

Many times during the holidays, we become so consumed with the planning and coordination of dinners and visits, that we tend to forget about our furry friends. If you haven’t considered treating your pooch this holiday season, it’s not too late to do so and we are here to offer suggestions on how to make sure they enjoy the holiday as much as you.

Pick up a new toy or two that you can give to your pup Christmas morning. This can excite your dog and keep him busy throughout the day while family and friends are over visiting. A new toy can also reduce mischief and over excitement during the day.

If your dog is active during the early morning hours, a new toy can also can tire him out and he can become much more restful when company is scheduled to arrive. A tired dog, can be a content dog and they will be much more calmer and enjoyable during the day.

If your dog needs a little refresher course on the basic training commands, spend some time a few days prior practicing the “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and “come” commands. This can help your dog feel less excited and your dog will respond much faster as guests arrive.

Make sure you and your dog enjoy the holiday festivities and make sure to remember them this holiday season.