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We had the pleasure recently of saying hello to Dena Stapleton, who writes the “Savannah Pets Examiner” section on Dena writes regular articles on everything pet-related, and we’re so impressed by her insight into pets and always interesting articles!

We love “Thanksgiving Goodies For Your Pets”, where Dena outlines different delish dog treats you can make for your canine and feline friends. Thanksgiving may be over, but why not make them for your pet’s stocking this holiday season? We’re also fans of “The H1N1 is still cauisng concern for pets”, since many people are actually not aware that H1N1 can be given to pets, too, so it’s important that if you or someone else are showing signs of illness, get it checked out asap so that you also don’t spread it to your pets!

Check out Savannah Pets Examiner, and read all of Dena’s great posts!

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