Meeting Paw Prints Life

Paw Prints Life is yet another wonderful dog blog out there! They’re not only great Pet Photographers, particularly in their pet sport action shots, but also in their Paw Prints Life blog, where they post on topics for photographing your dog and taking shots like only an expert could! They also blog at Dayton Pets Examiner on tons of great topics, from different pet stores they love to making vet trips much easier.

Rebecca and Virgil from Paw Prints Life are extradorinary people, and their blog posts show their commitment and passion for animals. They’re not just pet photographers – they genuinly care for the well-being of animals. We hope you’ll head over to Paw Prints Pet Photography and also check out the Dayton Pets Examiner to view all their Dayton pet-related info and news and issues for anyone who cares about our pets!


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  1. Thanks so much for your kind write-up about Paw Prints. We are definitely committed to animals, just as you said.

    In addition to our pet photography business, we also represent a line of holistic dog and cat products. I know just about anyone can SAY that they believe in products they represent, but we can go further than that. We have wonderful stories about the effects of using these products on our dogs and cat. We are so enthusiastic about the products we represent that we can hardly stop talking about them!

    We wish Happy Holidays to everyone. Our best advice for happiness is this: Open your heart to an animal.

    Best wishes,

    Rebecca Forrest

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