A Happy Christmas – For You and the Pup Too!

Many times during the holidays, we become so consumed with the planning and coordination of dinners and visits, that we tend to forget about our furry friends. If you haven’t considered treating your pooch this holiday season, it’s not too late to do so and we are here to offer suggestions on how to make sure they enjoy the holiday as much as you.

Pick up a new toy or two that you can give to your pup Christmas morning. This can excite your dog and keep him busy throughout the day while family and friends are over visiting. A new toy can also reduce mischief and over excitement during the day.

If your dog is active during the early morning hours, a new toy can also can tire him out and he can become much more restful when company is scheduled to arrive. A tired dog, can be a content dog and they will be much more calmer and enjoyable during the day.

If your dog needs a little refresher course on the basic training commands, spend some time a few days prior practicing the “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and “come” commands. This can help your dog feel less excited and your dog will respond much faster as guests arrive.

Make sure you and your dog enjoy the holiday festivities and make sure to remember them this holiday season.

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