New Year’s Resolutions…For Dog Owners!

Your dog always celebrates the holidays with you, so why should New Year’s Day be any different? This year, instead of making a resolution involving your weight or your career, think about making a promise to yourself that concerns that four-legged, furry friend you love to cuddle up with. Your dog is a special part of your life and in 2010, it’s time to really show him just how much you appreciate him. Try making some of these dog-friendly resolutions this year:

-More time for cuddling. Who doesn’t love cuddling?

-More time to go for walks in the park on nice days, so you both get exercise.

-Finally trying out that homemade dog treat recipe. Your pup can taste test!

-Spend extra time giving pats and belly rubs. How about 5 minutes every day?

-More doggy play dates, so you both can socialize.

-Have your first doggy birthday party, complete with a dog-friendly cake and puppy party guests!

The possibilities are endless. Make your dog part of your New Year’s resolution for 2010 and really give him the love and appreciation he deserves!

Happy New Year!

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