Who Missed National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

If you weren’t already aware, Thursday, January 14th, was National Dress Up Your Pet Day.  For all the pet owners out there who love to dress up their dogs and cats with cute shirts, jackets, and other fun outfits, this is your day to show off their stylish wardrobes.

This unique holiday is a day you can set aside to give your pet extra love and attention, which he or she deserves, as well as parade your pet around town looking festive and stylish.  Have some fun with this day, take your dog for a walk through town or stop by the local dog park for some afternoon enjoyment.

For those who participated in this year’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day, we hope you didn’t forget to reward your pet with a special treat or new toy for being such troopers.  (PS – we’d LOVE to see you photos of your pet in his or her favorite outfit!)

Don’t fret if you missed it this year, you have plenty of time to prepare to participate in this national day next year!

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