Your Pup May Have a Cold!

Has your dog been coughing, sneezing, or lethargic? Has he had a runny nose or eyes? Is he just not being himself? If your dog is having these symptoms, it may be possible that your dog has contracted a cold.

Just like humans, dogs can catch respiratory infections (colds) that can leave them feeling less than their best for several days. Colds in dogs are usually spread during contact, so right now, during peak cold and flu season, it may be best for you to keep your dog away from other dogs or out of any kennels or daycare is it may raise his risk for catching a cold.

Puppies and older dogs should see a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment if they have symptoms like those described above. However, in many cases, adult dogs that are in good health can be treated at home as long as symptoms are not too severe.

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