Our Favorite Famous Fidos

Dogs have been a huge part of film and TV since their inventions, and today, we see tons of pups on our screens, whether it’s in movies, TV shows, or even commercials. So, we wanted to ask you: who are your favorite famous dogs? For us, we have a few:

We all know and love this little dog from MGM’s “The Wizard of Oz” starring Judy Garland. Toto was played by Terry the Cairn Terrier, and although Toto was referred to as a “he” in the flick, Toto was really a “she”! Carl Spitz, the Hollywood animal trainer in charge of Terry, received a salary of $125.00 per week – just for letting the pooch have her fifteen minutes of fame!


If you loved the Harry Potter books, then you’ll love seeing this pup perform in the movies! Fang plays the role of Hagrid’s pet dog, a very large Boarhound with a lot of personality. In the films, Fang was actually played by 4 different Neapolitan Mastiffs. Now, that’s a lot of dog food to have on set!


Played by a collie named Pal, this beloved and heroic character delighted audiences for decades in a variety of movies, comics, books, and even an award-winning TV series. Descendants of Pal continue to play Lassie even today and the character has gone down in pop culture history as one of the most beloved dogs of all time.

Who are your favorite film and TV dogs? Why?


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  1. Nena McKay says:

    I’ve been with AGR as an adopter for years. so I see it fit to say that my favorite Fameous Fido is Santa’s Little Helper in the Simpsons series only because he is the coolest Greyhound there is! lol

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