Helping Out Greyhound Injury Fund Blog

The Greyhound Injury Fund blog has quite an impressive story: the blog began as their way to help raise $14,300 for hit-and-run greyhound injury vet bills. They accomplished that mission. Then, they want to assist Greyhounds in getting out of Guam – accomplished! They also donated to Arizona Greyhound Rescue, an organization we recently posted about. The list of “mission accomplished!” they have is really inspiring – view their About Us page to read all their achievements!

Their current mission? They’re working to raise about $13,000 to cover vet bills for two Greyhounds involved in a car accident. They need your help to meet this number and ensure the two Greyhounds lead a healthy, happy life, so we ask that you please visit their Fundraising Ideas and Donate Now pages and see where you can help out – every little bit goes a long way! The passionate, motivated group of people behind Grehound Injury Fund are an inspiration to us all, and show that you really can make a difference!

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