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New Year’s Resolutions…For Dog Owners!

Your dog always celebrates the holidays with you, so why should New Year’s Day be any different? This year, instead of making a resolution involving your weight or your career, think about making a promise to yourself that concerns that four-legged, furry friend you love to cuddle up with. Your dog is a special part of your life and in 2010, it’s time to really show him just how much you appreciate him. Try making some of these dog-friendly resolutions this year:

-More time for cuddling. Who doesn’t love cuddling?

-More time to go for walks in the park on nice days, so you both get exercise.

-Finally trying out that homemade dog treat recipe. Your pup can taste test!

-Spend extra time giving pats and belly rubs. How about 5 minutes every day?

-More doggy play dates, so you both can socialize.

-Have your first doggy birthday party, complete with a dog-friendly cake and puppy party guests!

The possibilities are endless. Make your dog part of your New Year’s resolution for 2010 and really give him the love and appreciation he deserves!

Happy New Year!

10 Tips to a Safer Holiday for Your Pets

The holiday season is a busy time and amid all the hustle and bustle, you may end up forgetting about taking some extra time to protect your four-legged family members. Cats and dogs love to take part in the holiday festivities, but without taking a few steps to keep them safe, you may end up having to care for them in an emergency. The holidays are the time of year when most pets are put at risk for accidents. To keep your pets safe this holiday season, be sure to use these 10 tips from WhiskazzandPawzz.com:

  1. Keep your pets away from any holiday foods or candies. Even just a little bit of chocolate can cause horrible sickness or death in your pet.

  2. Also keep poisonous plants like mistletoe, holly, lilies and pine needles away from your pets as they can cause harm to your pet’s stomach if ingested, not to mention, the kidneys and cardiovascular system.

  3. Avoid lighting candles that can be knocked over by a happy dog’s tail or a curious cat looking for something to play with.

  4. Keep pets away from the Christmas tree water as it can be highly toxic.

  5. Decorate your tree with the breakable ornaments at the top. You don’t want your pet to break one and then be cut. Consider wood or plastic ornaments as an alternative.

  6. Secure all electrical cords so that they won’t be chewed or played with.

  7. Don’t think your pet can handle all of the excitement of your annual holiday party? Try keeping him in a separate area of the house or leave him with a trusted friend or relative for the night. The anxiety from the event could leave your pet incredibly agitated.

  8. Make sure that your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working properly. In the event of an emergency, everyone in your home needs to be alerted.

  9. Put up a pet alert window cling on your front window or door so that emergency personnel can be alerted that there is a pet in your home in the event of an emergency.

  10. Don’t feed your pet from the table during holiday dinner. People food can cause digestive issues with your pet, not to mention, it’s unhealthy for them.

A Happy Christmas – For You and the Pup Too!

Many times during the holidays, we become so consumed with the planning and coordination of dinners and visits, that we tend to forget about our furry friends. If you haven’t considered treating your pooch this holiday season, it’s not too late to do so and we are here to offer suggestions on how to make sure they enjoy the holiday as much as you.

Pick up a new toy or two that you can give to your pup Christmas morning. This can excite your dog and keep him busy throughout the day while family and friends are over visiting. A new toy can also reduce mischief and over excitement during the day.

If your dog is active during the early morning hours, a new toy can also can tire him out and he can become much more restful when company is scheduled to arrive. A tired dog, can be a content dog and they will be much more calmer and enjoyable during the day.

If your dog needs a little refresher course on the basic training commands, spend some time a few days prior practicing the “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and “come” commands. This can help your dog feel less excited and your dog will respond much faster as guests arrive.

Make sure you and your dog enjoy the holiday festivities and make sure to remember them this holiday season.

The Howl-O-Days are Almost Here!

We can bet that you can hear those Christmas bells ringing, but do the sweet sounds of bells mean that it’s time to start stressing over the perfect gift for your pup? Absolutely not! This year, don’t fuss over finding the ideal gift for your four-legged, furry friend. At WhiskazzandPawzz.com, we have a great selection of dog gifts that are absolutely charming and festive – just in time for the holidays.

From ornaments to dog jackets, dog toys to Puppia Soft Harnesses, we have everything you need to gift your dog this Christmas. Plus, with our great prices, you’ll be tempted to shop for other pups you love! In addition to a great selection of gifts for dogs, WhiskazzandPawzz.com also carries gifts that are perfect for any dog lover, so feel free to browse our selection and cross off a few people on your holiday shopping list.

Be sure that you’re ready for the holidays with the right gifts for pets and pet lovers. WhiskazzandPawzz.com will be there to help!

Happy Howl-O-Days!

Thinking Of Thoughts Fur Paws

Thoughts Fur Paws is another blog working to raise awareness for our four-legged friends, all while posting the most adorable dog and cat photos! They post on timely pet topics, such as traveling during the holidays with your pet, feature fun pet givaways, and interesting pet events that dogs and cats everyone are looking to attend!

Not only that, but check out their “Fun Friday” and “Wordless Wednesday”, where they post adorable dog and cat photos that are sure to make you smile and want to help out all those dogs and cats out there who need our love and affection. Thoughts Fur Paws will surely make you think, say “aww”, and start acting on ways to help our loyal friends!

Meeting Paw Prints Life

Paw Prints Life is yet another wonderful dog blog out there! They’re not only great Pet Photographers, particularly in their pet sport action shots, but also in their Paw Prints Life blog, where they post on topics for photographing your dog and taking shots like only an expert could! They also blog at Dayton Pets Examiner on tons of great topics, from different pet stores they love to making vet trips much easier.

Rebecca and Virgil from Paw Prints Life are extradorinary people, and their blog posts show their commitment and passion for animals. They’re not just pet photographers – they genuinly care for the well-being of animals. We hope you’ll head over to Paw Prints Pet Photography and also check out the Dayton Pets Examiner to view all their Dayton pet-related info and news and issues for anyone who cares about our pets!

Ask Yourself: What Would A Dog Do?

What Would A Dog Do is an inspiring dog blog dedicated to illuminating dog-related news and issues. It’s so important that we work to promote the well-being and care for our canine (and feline!) friends, and put a stop to anyone with the intent of harming animals. The blog is regularly posted to with issues related to dog-awareness events, ways you can support the cause of helping animals, and info for new dog owners on ensuring they are caring for their dog properly and know what’s involved in owning a pet.

Be sure to check out What Would A Dog Do, and work to promote the cause of their blog, too! It’s our duty to help our four-legged friends be cared for as best as possible, so take a look at the blog and work to protect dogs everywhere!

Visit Pups The Traveling Labrador!

Whether you’re one of the many Black Labrador fans out there or simply love adorable dogs and pets, you’re going to love Pups The Traveling Labrador! Pups is technically a plush Black Labrador, but the inspiration for Pups came from Garth Milo, Pups’s ten year old Black Labrador brother! Pups now travels around the world with friends, and has been to tons of countries and great cities, with his Photo taken in each!

The blog posts are always entertaining, with subjects ranging from comical photos of Pups the Labrador to canine events going on and pet health info! It’s always fun to check out where Pups is today, so be sure to check out the blog often, we know you’ll love it!

Get The Inside Scoop From Savannah Pets!

We had the pleasure recently of saying hello to Dena Stapleton, who writes the “Savannah Pets Examiner” section on http://Examiner.com. Dena writes regular articles on everything pet-related, and we’re so impressed by her insight into pets and always interesting articles!

We love “Thanksgiving Goodies For Your Pets”, where Dena outlines different delish dog treats you can make for your canine and feline friends. Thanksgiving may be over, but why not make them for your pet’s stocking this holiday season? We’re also fans of “The H1N1 is still cauisng concern for pets”, since many people are actually not aware that H1N1 can be given to pets, too, so it’s important that if you or someone else are showing signs of illness, get it checked out asap so that you also don’t spread it to your pets!

Check out Savannah Pets Examiner, and read all of Dena’s great posts!

What’s in a Name?

For many new pet owners, the first and most important decision they will make as a new pet owner is picking out the perfect name for their dog or cat. Whether you choose to stick with the most popular name or seek out the uncommon, unique name, there are a few things you should consider.

First off:

  1. Make a short list of preferred names.

  2. Keep the names on the list simple, unless you want to go for something more complex.

  3. Choose to call the dog by a shorter name, as it’s easier to learn.

  4. Choose a name that’s easily recognizable.

  5. Don’t confuse the name with a command.

  6. Study your pet’s behavior can help make choosing a name easier.

  7. Consider your pet’s appearance as a guide.

Once you’ve done these things, picking a name will be a breeze, even though there are thousands of names to choose from! Remember that the name you choose for them is long-term. Keep it simple, fun and enjoyable for all!